Assembly SMD & THT

Assembly SMT & THT


Responding to growing market needs and requirements of our customers, we offer comprehensive services of design and electronic mounting with the SMT and THT technologies, assembly of small and medium batches prototypes of highly specialized and complicated electronic circuits on technologically advanced Fuji NXT line.

To complement your requirements, we have the ERSA N-WAVE 330 through-hole (THT) mounting line and 70 stands for manual and complementary mounting. Sonel S.A. is a leader in small and medium batch contract manufacturing (CEM).

With each new order, we increase the technical advancement level. As your partner, we jointly make the lifecycle of your product, giving it the high quality, exceptional manufacture, starting from the design, supply chain management, through mounting, testing, packing and shipment.

These are the rules we follow each day:

  • Our customer is our partner!
  • Quality, on-time delivery and adequate cost level are the keys to success.
  • Continuous improvement of the design, manufacture and testing processes is the road to perfect implementation of successive projects.

There are many companies in the EMS sector, but SONEL S.A. is one of the kind. Qualified engineers, who implement and supervise the production process take care that your product is perfect and attracts attention of even the most demanding customers.


Company policy

Our priority is to increase the quality of services by employing highly-qualified staff and modern equipment which is regularly modernized.


Production plant

Contrary to the principles of confidentiality in terms of production lines and production process, you can look at our machine park and examine the production process in order to dispel any doubts.


SMT and THT mounting - Assembly services


Development of a new product depends on the design process. Consequently, we have selected a specialized team of design engineers who, with their determination and enormous potential, can come up with a perfect solution for you.

Purchase and logistics

With almost twenty years of experience in supply chain management, we absolutely guarantee the top quality of materials and components used to fulfil every order, on-time deliveries and attractive prices. By offering you a comprehensive service, we save your time and money.


For us this term means the process during which the products are made. In our vocabulary production means quality, precision, time and – most of all – a perfectly fulfilled order, in which a modern technology meets extensive knowledge.


  • MPM MOMENTUM screen printer.
  • FUJI NXT automatic line, 6 modules.
  • ERSA HOTFLOW2/20 reflow soldering furnace (soldering in the nitrogen atmosphere with addition of residual oxygen).
  • ASYS transport line.
  • DEK 265 Mk1 screen printer.
  • FUJI GL2 dispenser.
  • FUJI FCP-III-4000 high speed chip placer.
  • FUJI FIP-III universal automatic chip placer (additionally featuring a coplanarity check).


  • ERSA-WAVE 330 wave soldering system (soldering in the nitrogen atmosphere).

  • 70 stands for manual and complementary mounting.





In order to eliminate any doubts about correct operation of our electronic circuits, they are tested on individual testers of our design.


  • Electrical tests of printed circuit boards.
  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection).
  • Ion cleanliness testing (Ionograph).
  • Functional tests.

Protective coats

Programmable selective coating (on any area of the PCB) with a protective varnish or resin is performed automatically which increases capacity and saves precious time.


Each part is carefully protected and packed according to the customer guidelines.


Servicing of components (assembly, disassembly) is offered as an extra service.

Quality and environment

Each order is fulfilled with utmost accuracy in a suitable environment (ion cleanliness testing) to ensure the top quality of your product.

§ 1

1. These general terms & conditions of performance of orders concerning electronic assembly services at SONEL S.A., hereinafter referred to as the “GTC”, describe the principles under which the party ordering the services, hereinafter referred to as the “Ordering Party”, shall order, and SONEL S.A., hereinafter referred to as “SONEL”, shall make electronic modules, hereinafter referred to as the “Products”, unless an individual agreement between the parties determines otherwise.

2. Sonel shall make the Products from time to time on the basis of written orders placed by the Ordering Party that meet the criteria determined in these GTC. For avoidance of doubt, the parties determine that once the Ordering Party places an order that complies with the provisions of this agreement and the order thus placed is confirmed by Sonel, an agreement shall be concluded each time between the parties for the making of the Products covered by order, and the provisions of these GTC shall apply to the said Order. If there are any discrepancies between the Order and the Confirmation, the parties shall cease to be bound by the provisions of the Order, but after the Confirmation has been accepted by the parties, the Order shall be binding in the wording agreed upon by the Parties.

3. Performance of orders related to electronic assembly services may comprise the following:

  • printed circuit design,
  • purchase of components and printed circuits,
  • component assembly,
  • supplementary mechanical assembly,
  • application of protective coatings,
  • board testing and start-up,
  • packaging.

4. Sonel shall make the Products in accordance with the technical documentation submitted by the Ordering Party and constituting the Ordering Party’s property. Components shall be assembled in accordance with the standard IPC-A-610D PL, class II.


§ 2


1. The documentation delivered by the Ordering Party comprises:

a)    A complete bill of materials (BOM)

Resistor 0.033R 4W 1% 2.5 x 6.5 1 R26 Meggit Electr Comp    
Triac BT134W-600D SOT223 1 Q12 PHILIPS    
MOSFET transistor 2N7002 SOT23 5 Q4-Q8 ON SEMICONDUC    
TVS diode SMBJ15CA DO-214AA BI 3 D25, D26, D27 GENERAL SEMIC    
  • For specific elements, please state the marking of the type from the specific supplier’s or manufacturer’s catalogue.
  • Also, it is important to provide information whether the elements require special preparation before assembly, e.g. programming.
  • The Ordering Party undertakes to state all the parameters of elements that are important for the Ordering Party.
  • Required file formats: *.doc, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.txt

b) A complete set of assembly drawings (related to all production stages) should contain the following:

  • Drawings with visible SMD elements, for the top and for the bottom side (Fig. 2)
  • Drawings with visible THT elements, for the t & b side (Fig. 3) Comments concerning special requirements for element assembly, e.g. gluing, assembly at a specific distance, crimping, etc.
  • Drawings showing mechanical operations, e.g. screwing together, riveting, installation in housing
  • required file formats *.jpg, *.pdf, *.tiff

Rys. 2 Widok elementów SMD Rys. 3 Widok elementów THT

c)    Documentation for printed-circuit board (PCB) production
PCB technical data:
  • project_name
  • PCB type: double-sided, metallized
  • laminate: FR4, 1.55 mm, 35 um
  • solder mask: YES, double-sided
  • description: YES, double-sided, white
  • coating: lead free HAL
  • non-metallized holes: YES (in a separate set)
  • mechanical working: milling and chasing
  • receipt: in a form
  • form dimensions: 251.2 x 283.4 mm
Gerber files (format: RS-274-X, inch 2.4):
  • Project_name.gto – top description
  • Project_name.gts – top mask
  • Project_name.gtl – top mosaic
  • Project_name.gxx – internal layer(s)
  • Project_name.gbl – bottom mosaic
  • Project_name.gbs – bottom mask
  • Project_name.gko – single PCB outline
Drilling (format: EXCELLON, inch 2.3, FINAL hole diameters):
  • Project_name.drr – list of tools
  • Project_name.txt – drilling
Drawing of the mechanical working for a single PCB (Gerber)
  • Project_name.gm4 – mechanical working       
Panel drawing:
  • Project_name.gm2 – drawings
Alignment points
  • For the correct positioning of the PCB in the machine, it is necessary to place reference points on the PCB, recognised by the vision processor. The point may be square-, circle-, single cross- or double cross-shaped At least 1 mm of area without the solder mask should be left around the point.

Rys. 4 Widok PCB z punktami ustawczymi, odległości minimalne, oraz punkt (0;0) dla p&p

PCB dimensions

  • Maximum PCB dimensions for the project with SMD and THT elements , 340x250 mm. Taking into account the margins (of at least 3 mm), the working area is 340x244 mm.
d) Element coordinates (pick&place)
  • coordinates of the alignment points with regard to the reference point (Fig. 4)    – Fid.1 ( x, y)
  • name (element identification) e.g. R15
  • housing type (e.g. 0805)
  • coordinates of the centre of the element with regard to the reference point (Fig. 4)  (Mid X, Mid Y)
  • element rotation angle (Rotation). For unpolarised elements, use 0 or 90 degrees depending on the layout. Rotation of elements with specific polarisation should be described according to Fig. 6.
  • element value, e.g. 10k
  • Recommended file formats *.xls, *.csv, *.txt
  • *.pdf file format not recommended


No. Name Housing type  X
Rotation angle Element value
 1. R15 0805 -100.05 167.73 0.00 10k
 2. C12 1206 -55.84 23.56 90.00 100n

e) Documentation used to make a template for the paste

  • View of the PCB panel, top and bottom paste layer
  • Outline of the entire panel
  • Panel alignment points on paste layer
f) Documentation concerning packaging.
§ 3
1. The GTC may be performed according to the elements purchased by Sonel: in this case Sonel declares, and the Ordering Party accepts that the components that Sonel must acquire in order to make the Products are available only in collective packaging. In relation to the above, Sonel will ultimately have available more components than it needs to make the Products, and the Ordering Party undertakes to buy back the relevant quantity from Sonel after Sonel fulfils the order.
2. The GTC may be performed on the components entrusted by the Ordering Party: in this case, components shall be delivered in original packaging, allowing for what is referred to as technological surplus:
  • components delivered in not originally full reels should have minimum 30 cm free tape. Additional 2% surplus tot he quantity determined in the documentation is needed,
  • components delivered in sticks should have a 2% surplus with regard to the quantity determined in the documentation,
  • components delivered in trays should have a 0.5% surplus with regard to the quantity determined in the documentation,
  • other components should have a 1% surplus with regard to the quantity determined in the documentation,
  • printed circuits shall be delivered without what is referred to as cross-outs,
  • bow and twist percentage of PCBs should not exceed more then 0,25% (calculated as shown in IPC-TM-650, section 2.4.22).

3. The GTC may be performed in part using components purchased by Sonel and in part using those handed over by the Ordering Party. In the part related to the components purchased by Sonel, the provisions of paragraph 1 shall apply, while in the part related to the components handed over by the Ordering Party, the provisions of paragraph 2 shall apply.

4. Sonel may withdraw from the performance of the order if the Ordering Party delivers components older than one year or ones that do not meet the MSL level stated by the manufacturer.

5. Sonel keeps a component warehouse, managed in accordance with the FIFO principle.

§ 4

1. The Ordering Party undertakes to submit Orders concerning Products to Sonel in advance, at least as it was determined in Sonel’s offering, counted in working days.

2. The Orders mentioned above shall be issued by persons that have a written authorisation to issue Orders.

3. The Orders referred to above shall define the quantity of Products, the unit price for the Products and the date within which the Products are to be made and delivered.

4. The Ordering Party may not order fewer Products at any single time than the single minimum order quantity determined in Sonel’s quotation.

5. The Orders referred to above shall be delivered to Sonel electronically, by email at or by fax at 74 8583809 by 3 p.m. on working days. Orders sent after 3 p.m. shall be deemed as delivered on the following working day. Sonel undertakes to confirm or reject the order referred to above within 15 working days of its receipt. An order may be confirmed or rejected by an electronic message sent to the Ordering Party’s email address or by fax. If there is no reply from Sonel within the 15 days indicated above, an Order shall be deemed as rejected.

§ 5
1. The Products shall be collected from the Sonel warehouse in Świdnica, at ul. Wokulskiego 11.

2. Sonel shall inform the Ordering Party about an Order lot ready for collection at least one day in advance.

3. The Ordering Party undertakes to collect the Products within 3 working days of being informed by Sonel in accordance with paragraph 2. If the Products are not collected within the above time, the Ordering Party shall be deemed to have collected them.

4. A report made on the basis of the above paragraph by the Ordering Party shall confirm the quantity and quality of the Products collected.

5. In the case described in paragraph 3, second sentence of this section, Sonel shall be entitled to send the Order lot reported as ready for collection at the Ordering Party’s cost and risk.


§ 6

1. The Ordering Party shall pay remuneration to Sonel for the Products made by the latter, calculated in accordance with the unit price for each item of the Product in accordance with the relevant Sonel quotation. 

2. Remuneration rates shall be changed by mutual agreement of the parties in the form of a new quotation from Sonel.

3. The Parties agree that payments shall be made on the basis of the relevant VAT invoice to Sonel’s bank account indicated in the invoice, within the date stated in Sonel’s quotation.

4. The basis for issuing a VAT invoice related to the remuneration for the Products made shall be a signed confirmation that the products were handed over to the Ordering Party, e.g. a delivery note or a shipment note.

5. The Ordering Party declares that it authorises Sonel to raise VAT invoices without the Ordering Party’s signature.

§ 7
1. Sonel’s guarantee period for the delivered Products shall be 12 months from the date of collection of the Products by the Ordering Party.

2. Sonel shall not be held liable for design faults of the Product and for Product defects caused by faulty Components delivered by the Ordering Party. In other cases, liability shall be limited to the value of the delivery that was made which the complaint concerns.

3. Sonel shall not be held liable for delays in the delivery of Products or for other irregularities for reasons that cannot be attributed to Sonel, if it was impossible for Sonel to prevent their consequences in a manner making it possible to duly fulfil obligations, and it shall not be held liable for failure to perform or inappropriate performance of the Ordering Party’s obligations. However, in each case, Sonel shall be obliged to exercise the highest diligence in order to meet its obligations in due time and to inform the Ordering Party immediately about any objective obstacles that are impossible or excessively difficult to overcome, in order to agree on temporary different conditions of delivery of the Products until the obstacle is removed.


§ 8

1. Sonel shall not be responsible for delays in fulfilment of the order. The Ordering Party shall not be entitled to any claims for damages against Sonel in relation to the above.

2. If the Ordering Party is in delay with the payment of any amounts due under this agreement, Sonel may request the payment of interest from the Ordering Party in the amount of 0.05% of the outstanding payment for each day of the delay.

3. Sonel reserves the right to charge a contractual penalty in the amount of 100% of the value of unfulfilled Orders if an Order is cancelled for reasons attributable to the Ordering Party.

§ 9
1. Sonel undertakes to keep documentation it receives confidential and not to make it available to third parties without the Ordering Party’s prior written consent. The above obligation shall not concern Sonel’s employees and collaborators. The confidentiality obligation shall apply to the term of the agreement.

2. Sonel and the Ordering Party shall be obliged to keep the terms & conditions of the agreement confidential.


§ 10

1. All disputes resulting from the application of the provisions of these GTC shall be settled amicably, and if no agreement is reached, they shall be submitted for resolution to the court having jurisdiction over Sonel’s registered office.

2. The provisions of the Civil Code shall apply in matters not governed by these GTC.


In matters of electronics assembly services, please contact:

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