SLO Winter Days 2015

February 13th 2015 will be organized in Riga XIV "SLO Winter Days 2015" new technologies trade shows. During the fair, SONEL will present our exclusive offer measurement instruments. Below newsletter summarizing previous SLO “Winter Days” trade shows.

“Winter Day” is exhibition what SLO Latvia Ltd. is organizing to customers annually during winter time. SLO invite to present the goods there suppliers from different product groups - installation, telecommunication, safety, lighting, renewable energy materials, tools, cables e.c.

This exhibition is positively valued from there customers and previous years brought together more than 60 local and foreign exhibitors and more than 1000 visitors. SLO “Winter Day” exhibition is only specialized electric material exhibition in Latvia.


You can see video of "Winter Day 2014" exhibition below:

See also: SLO Latvia Magazine #2 - Winter Days 2014 (PDF)