2-core test lead 75 m (12 / 20 A) BDP

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2-core test lead 75 m (12 / 20 A) BDP
Technical Specification
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    Wind turbine measurements and more

    Behold the 75 m Sonel 2-core test lead.

    Sonel BDP test leads series has been designed for effective measurement of lightning protection of wind turbines and precise measurements of low resistance. Together with compatible accessories, it is a comprehensive solution for controlling very large objects.

    Together with Sonel MMR-650 low resistance meter, the test leads enable measurements of small resistance with a measuring current of up to 10 A, at long distances - even up to 150 m. This is especially important in situations where resistance is significant!


    Sonel BDP test leads are a reliable tool for professionals who measure low resistances and monitor the effectiveness of lightning protection in the area of wind turbines. They consist of a current conductor and a voltage conductor, protected by a common, durable braid. Sonel BDP test leads have different lengths (25, 50, 75, 100 m / 82, 164, 246, 328 ft), which allow to create a measurement system for specific distance requirements. They are compatible with Sonel MMR-650 low resistance meter.

    The test leads are terminated with separate banana plugs on one end and an integrated PAT socket on the other. The latter allows you to connect accessories that have been developed for use when measuring wind turbines.

    Sonel BDP test leads are made of the highest quality materials, characterized by both high conductivity and ruggedness to mechanical damages. The quality of workmanship, durability and flexibility of configuration make them indispensable equipment for specialists who care about the safety and efficiency of renewable energy installations.

  • Technical Specification


    Core Resistance
    Blue core 2.05 Ω
    Red core 0.32 Ω
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