Sonel Multimeter Mobile

Sonel Multimeter Mobile
Android app for CMM/CMP
  • Description

    The Sonel Multimeter Mobile application is designed to read live measurements, as well as transfer and store results in the memory of Android-based mobile devices.

    The application allows:

    • reading live measurement results from the multimeter using Bluetooth wireless communication,
    • recording the results in the form of a project and supplementing them with notes and photos from the measurement sites,
    • reading of recorded results in two forms: a list with the date and time of the measurement, and in graphical form of a data graph for easier analysis of changes and disturbances.

    Additional functionalities of the application include:

    • setting the sampling frequency and recording duration,
    • setting of lower and upper alarms, after exceeding which an audible signal is emitted,
    • control of measurement sub-functions, such as MAX/MIN, REL or RANGE,
    • quick access to the product website,
    • sending data via e-mail,
    • ability to save results as a .csv file.
  • Files
    • Changes in version 2.4.25 compared to the previous one:

      • Bug fix related to application shutdown after long display of OL symbol on CMP-3kR.





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