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Index: WAADAAISO2511
Adapter for multi-core cables
  • Description

    Measurements of multi-core cables

    Depending on the measurement facility and the established standards (each conductor to each or conductor to other shorted and grounded conductors), the measurement of the insulation resistance of wires or multi-core cables requires several connections. In order to shorten the measurement time and eliminate the inevitable connection errors, Sonel recommends an adapter that switches between individual pairs of conductors for the operator.

    AutoISO-2511 adapter designed to measure the insulation resistance of cables and multi-core wires with a measuring voltage of up to 2500 V. The use of the adapter eliminates the possibility of making a mistake, and significantly reduces the time needed to measure the insulation resistance between pairs of conductors. For instance, for 4-core cables, the user will perform only one connection operation (i.e. connect the adapter to the facility), while AutoISO-2511 will perform crossing for six consecutive connections.

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