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Leakage current alarm signale
Technical Specification
  • Description

    Continuous AC monitoring with Sonel MPU-1 for complete safety in power networks.

    The Sonel MPU-1 leakage current alarm device is designed to monitor (measure) leakage current in AC, low and medium voltage power networks. It is used to carry out measurements whose results determine the safety status of the monitored installation in terms of leakage current flow. The device allows its users to set a threshold of leakage current flowing through a network, above which a visual/acoustic alarm will be triggered. 


    The most important features of  the MPU-1 instrument include:

    • continuous monitoring of alternating current flowing through earthing,
    • measurement on one or two clamps simultaneously, in the case of measurement using two clamps, the current value is summed, and this provides the capability of measuring spun poles with independent clamps for each component pole,
    • diode indicator of operating mode,
    • alarm in the event of flow of current higher than the alarm threshold (factory setting 1 A), sound and visual alarm (speaker built into the housing),
    • measurement with flexible Sonel F-series coil (Rogowski coil) with a max. length of 2 m,
    • measurements in low- and medium-voltage networks with frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz,
    • automatic selection of measuring range,
    • monitoring of battery level,
    • ergonomic operation.
  • Technical Specification

    Measurement of leakage currents

    Display range Resolution Accuracy
    0.1 A...9.9 A 0.1 A ±(5% m.v. + 2 digits)
    10 A..299 A 1 A ±(5% m.v. + 2 digits)

    “m.v.” - measured value

    • frequency range: 50Hz or 60Hz.
    • flexible current clamps 

    Other technical data:


    Pozostałe dane techniczne:

    • Ingress protection: IP67
    • Power supply: rechargeable battery pack SONEL NiMH 9.4 V 2.1 Ah
    • Parameters of battery charger power adapter: 100…240 V / 50…60 Hz
    • Operating time for standby mode: >18 h
    • Operating time for alarm mode: >3 h
    • Alarm threshold setting range: 0.5…9.9 A
    • Operating temperature: -10…+50°C
    • Charger operating temperature range: +10…+35°C
    • Storage temperature: -20…+80°C
    • Humidity: 20…90%
    • Nominal humidity: 40…60%
    • Nominal temperature: 23 ± 2°C
    • Reference humidity: 40%…60%
    • Quality standard (development, design and production): ISO 9001
    • The product meets the EMC (emission for industrial environment) requirements according to standards: PN-EN 61326-1, PN-EN 61326-2-2

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