Illuminance Meter
Technical Specification
  • Description

    The digital light meter is a precision instrument used to measure illuminance (Lux, footcandle) in the field. It is meet CIE photopic spectral response. It is fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. The illuminance meter is compact, tough and easy to handle owing to its construction. The light sensitive component used in the meter is a very stable, long-life silicon photo diode and spectral response filter.

    Reliable illuminance measurements with the LXP-2 light meter

    Model for people making basic lighting measurements of indoor and outdoor workplaces. The device works with LP-1 measuring probe (class B) which allows to proceed with measurements in a reliable way. The nonintegrated probe eliminates the influence of the user to the measurement result.

    Main features

    • high resolution up to 0.001 lx
    • highly accurate measurements
    • measurements of all types of light sources including:
      • LEDs lamps,
      • incandescent lamps,
      • fluorescent lamps,
      • electrodeless lamps,
      • high and low-pressure lamps
    • no need to using correction factors
    • photodiodes with filters make the spectral sensitivity characteristics well matched to the requirements of C.I.E.

    Product functions

    • data-hold for freezing measuring values
    • automatic zeroing
    • peak-hold for freezing the peak signal of light pulse
    • capable of selecting measuring mode in Lux or FC scale
    • MAX and MIN results save
    • relative mode
    • easy to read large backlit display
    • USB connection with PC
    • built-in memory: 99 points
    • 16 000 values records data logger
    • auto power off
  • Technical Specification

    Illumination measurement

    The result may be displayed in lx or fc. Displaying fc results with reduced resolution due to the display limitations.

    Parameter Description
    probe LP-1
    class B
    measurement range
    lx 0.0...19.99k
    fc 0.0...1999
    lx 0.1
    fc 0.01
    spectral uncertainty f1 ±6%
    cosine matching error f2 ±3%
    accuracy ±(5% m.v. + 5 digits)
    number of ranges 3
    memory 99 points
    logger memory 16 000 points

    m.v. - measured value

    Technical specification: 

    • display: 3¾ digits, LCD with 40-segment bar indicator
    • exceeding of range: “OL” symbol
    • spectral sensitivity: CIE photopic curve (CIE human eye sensitivity curve)
    • power supply: 9 V battery or 8.4 V rechargeable battery
    • photodetector: one silicon photodiode and spectral curve filter
    • communication interface: USB and wireless
    • operational temperature: 0...50°C (32...122°F)
    • operational relative humidity: 0...80%
    • storage temperature: -20...+70°C (-4...+158°F)

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