Sonel PAT Analysis

Sonel PAT Analysis
Software for PAT meters
  • Description

    The new version of Sonel PAT Analysis software is a completely new software designed for users conducting security tests of electrical devices.

    It is an ideal solution both for individual surveyors and for large industrial companies, hospitals, and those who rent electrical equipment.

    The Sonel PAT plus program enables communication with Sonel PAT 805/806/810/815/820 and PAT 2 / 2E / 10 and iPAT meters.

    All data stored in the meter's memory is automatically sent to the appropriate tables in the software.


    The software enables preparation of reports in accordance with the following standards:

    • VDE 0701: 1,
    • VDE 0701: 200,
    • VDE 0701: 240,
    • VDE 0701: 260,
    • DIN VDE 0702,
    • DIN VDE 0751,
    • EN 61010,
    • EN 60335,
    • EN 60950,
    • IEC 60601,
    • EN 62353.

    The program reads, analyzes, archives test results and tracks the measurement history of all saved devices. Each device is associated with a specific one location (e.g., company, department).

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