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Fork clamp meter
Technical Specification
  • Description

    Sonel CMP-200F AC current fork meter - a new dimension in high-speed measurements

    The CMP-200F meter is a modern measuring instrument which attracts attention with its sleek form and simple, intuitive interface. Operating the device is extremely easy and uncomplicated. In this compact device, small dimensions go hand in hand with extensive measuring capabilities, fast measurement speeds and ergonomics - all at an attractive price. The instrument provides many practical functions and is extremely versatile in nature. It includes functions such as: reading of extreme MAX and MIN values, automatic measurement of AC/DC voltages, torch and many others. Due to its compact dimensions, it is suitable for use where space is at a premium, e.g. in cramped switch cabinets. With open clamps, measurements are quicker and easier. The LowZ function, on the other hand, will ensure the correct reading of the voltage value also when the spectral voltage phenomenon occurs. A further advantage is the continuously backlit display, which provides excellent readability in all conditions.

    New level of fast measurements

    Sonel CMP-200F is an innovative representative of the clamp meter family. It combines simplicity, speed of measurements and versatility. It contains all the necessary functionalities and improvements, such as: built-in flashlight, reading of MAX and MIN values, automatic measurement of AC / DC voltages and many others.

    The CMP-200 F is perfect for places where it is difficult to operate the traditional clamp meter e.g. in narrow switchgear. Open measuring clamps make measurements faster and easier. LowZ function eliminates the influence of ghost voltage and ensures accurate readings. The display is always illuminated, ensuring excellent readability in the dark or even in sunny days when the screens of other devices fail.

  • Technical Specification
    Measure functions Range Resolution Precision
    AC current 200.0 A 0.1 A ±(3% m.v. + 5 digits)
    AC voltage up to 1000 V from 0.001 V from ±(1,2% m.v. + 2 digits)
    DC voltage up to 1000 V from 0.001 V from ±(0,9% m.v. + 4 digits)
    Low-impedance voltage measurement Low Z up to 600.0 V from 0.001 V ±(3,0% m.v. + 40 digits)
    Resistance up to 60.00 MΩ from 0.1 Ω from ±(1,0% m.v. + 4 digits)
    Capacitance up to 4000 µF from 0.01 nF from ±(3,0% m.v. + 5 digits)

    “m.v.” - measured value

    Basic characteristics

    • Counting: 6.000 digits
    • HOLD
    • Automatic range choice zakresu

    Advanced characteristics:

    • Open clamp meters
    • Contactless voltage gauge
    • MIN / MAX
    • TRMS measurement

    Other characteristics:

    • Automatic power off
    • Low battery indicator
    • Built-in flashlight
    • Beeper
    • Display:
      • Type: segmental LCD, 4 digits
      • Display backlight: manual

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