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Technical Specification
  • Description

    Special features

    • Receiver operation with max. 4 transmitters at the same time to locate interruptions or distinguish wires.
    • Receiving status information from the LKN-720 transmitter.
    • The function 3D - detecting the direction of current.
    • A LED torch.
    • Headphone socket.
    • Software upgrade via USB.
    • Screen backlight for work in dark.


    Detection and tracing cables in ceilings, walls and floors

    In response to the needs of customers, the LKO-720 has a specially designed 3D antenna that raises the precision of the wire tracing. Determine direction of wires in concrete up to 5 cm will not be a problem now.

    Identification of fuses on the distribution board

    Thanks to the precise sensor in LKO-720 and additional contact and non-contact probes, identify of breakers and fuses now will be easily and time-saving.

    Possibility to tracing in no access conductors

    LKO-720 with C-8 clamp used in the current mode or in other mode forcing current flow, allows to uniquely identify wire or cable with no physical connection to it.

    Non-contact detection of live cables

    LKO-720 allows to precisely detect energized wires in air and concrete without additional probes. 

  • Technical Specification

    Technical specification

    Parameter Description
    Ingress protection rating acc. to EN 60529 IP40
    Maximum depth of the analysed object (“I” mode) 2 m | 6.6 ft
    Maximum range of contactless neon probe
    in air 50 cm | 1.6 ft
    in concrete 5 cm | 0.16 ft
    Power supply 9 V 6LR61 alkaline battery
    Operating temperature -10°C...+50°C | 14°F...122°F
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