Sonel PAT Analysis Mobile

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Sonel PAT Analysis Mobile
A mobile application that works with the PAT series electrical safety meters
  • Description

    The mobile application extends the capabilities of Sonel PAT-10, PAT-2E, PAT-2 testers series. Sonel PAT Mobile is available on Android system.

    Sonel PAT Analysis Mobile:

    • connects wirelessly to the selected tester
    • downloads measurement results,
    • saves results to PAT structure (client, appliances and measurement  data),
    • prints reports,
    • reads QR codes of the PAT system,
    • ensures full compatibility with the Sonel QR code system and the object-oriented memory structure
    • sends data via internet.

    In addition, the application allows you to read QR codes, analogously to the PAT-820 testers.

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