Index: WMGBTKF13
Phase sequence and motor rotation tester
Technical Specification
  • Description

    Check phase sequence and direction of motor shaft rotation

    Convenient and easy-to-use tester of phase sequence and motor rotation direction Sonel TKF-13 is used, among others, for checking 3-phase electric installations in a wide range of phase-to-phase voltages (from 100 to 690 V, frequency to 70 Hz) in distribution circuits. In addition, the device indicates the rotating field and the direction of rotation of the motor shaft using a wired or wireless method. Another advantage of this model is its clarity and ease of use. Due to its ergonomic form, the TKF-13 tester is handy and comfortable to use. The device is equipped with a robustly constructed casing with protection class IP42. Its high temperature resistance (ability to operate at temperatures from -10°C to +45°C) ensures its versatile use.


    • indication of phase sequence in networks with voltage 120...690 V AC
    • operation in networks with 2...70 Hz frequency
    • voltage indication light
    • wired and wireless indication of motor rotation
    • magnetic fi eld detection


    The unique TKF-13 tester is designed to control 3-phase electrical installations in a wide range of phase-to-phase voltages (120… 690 V, frequency up to 70 Hz) in distribution circuits. The indication of the rotating field and the direction of motor shaft rotation is performed, among others, with a non-contact method.

    Aplication of TKF-13


    Measure easily and accurately 16-, 32- and 63-amps industrial sockets with optional AGT-16, AGT-32 and AGT-63 adapters.


    Standard accessories, included in the kits, allow for quick verification whether the shaft rotates in the correct direction after the motor is connected. Otherwise, the engine or the equipment driven by it may be damaged.

    Non-contact check of motor shaft rotation direction

    Non-contact verification of motor shaft rotation direction is possible only in the TKF-13, which includes a function dedicated to this type of measurement.

    Intuitive, trouble-free connection

    Various colored cables, crocodile clips and test probes allow you to connect the device to the tested object - quickly and without any problems.

  • Technical Specification

    Technical specification

    Parameter Specification
    nominal phase-to-phase voltage range 120...690 V AC
    maximum phase-to-phase operating voltage 760 V AC
    range of motor electromotive force voltages 1...760 V AC
    frequency range 2...70 Hz
    work temperature -10...+45°C | 14...113°F
    storage temperature -20...+60°C | -4...+140°F
    work humidity 20...80%
    power supply 6LR61 alkaline battery (9 V)
    battery status LED blinking period ca. 1 s
    automatic shutdown time ca. 5 min
    measurement category in accordance with EN 61010 and EN 61557 CAT III 600 V
    insulation type in accordance with EN 61010-1 double
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