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Wires and Pipe Locator
Technical Specification
  • Description

    Cable routing without secrets due to LKZ-1000

    The Sonel LKZ-1000 cable and wire locator is a device dedicated to finding cables and other underground infrastructures. The whole device set consists of a transmitter, receiver and accessories enabling users to detect and locate both metallic objects (cable) and other non-conductive system elements (e.g. PVC pipelines, concrete pipes, etc.). Only the receiver or the receiver and transmitter can be used (selective modes). When working with the transmitter, the depth of the object is additionally measured.

    Cable routes without secrets thanks to LKZ-1000


    • Backlit LCD with contrast (auto on-off).
    • Automatic adjustment of detection sensitivity.
    • 5 operating modes.
    • Warning about shallowly located cables.
    • Measuring cable locations up to 3 m deep.
    • Determining the direction of a cable.
    • Sound signals to facilitate locating or tracing.
    • Adjustment of power and selection of frequencies for the transmitter.
    • Passive or active modes of tracing. • Detection of underground live wires.
    • Detection of underground wires with no voltage (radio mode).
    • Detection of underground wires with no voltage using a transmitter (galvanized, inductive or clamp-based connection).
    • Tracing metallic or non-conductive pipes using an additional probe.
    • Tracing non-conductive pipelines using a “floating” probe.
    • Tracing a determined cable.
    • Determining the depth of a cable.


    Improved LKN-1000 transmitter delivers significantly higher power than previous model, which allows to:

    • Tracking underground services over a, longer distances,
    • Improve service detection in areas of high signal interference,
    • Improve depth estimation.

    Other benefits of the new transmitter:

    • four adjustable output levels with maximum output level, of 1 W,
    • durable waterproof design environmental protection rating of IP65,
    • smaller and lighter designed to work in harsh conditions,
    • choice of 3 tracing signals, 8 kHz or 33 kHz, in conductive mode 8 kHz and 33 kHz at the same time,
    • clear visual and visual signals for easier operation,
    • built-in test function – allowing operators to test the hardware and software functionality of the LKN-1000 before use,
    • externally located control buttons, ensure a waterproof.

    Operating modes

    • Passive, with 50 Hz or 60 Hz – enables to locate live wires and cables (POWER).
    • Passive RADIO (15-30 kHz) – enables a quick, non-selective locating operation for an underground structure (metallic installations).
    • Active (with transmitter) (8 kHz and 33 kHz), enables:
      • a locating operation using the inductive mode (all one has to do is to place the transmitter over the object traced),
      • a locating operation through connecting the transmitter directly to an object that is not live,
      • a locating operation using transmission clamps (it is necessary to close the clamps over the object tested),
      • a locating operation using a transmission wire or transmission probes (enables to locate non-metallic objects),
      • a locating operation sing a separating adapter (connecting the transmitter LKN-1000 directly to a 230 V socket)
  • Technical Specification
    Parameter LKN-1000 transmitter LKO-1000 receiver
    Ingress protection IP65 IP54
    Power supply 4x LR20 battery 6x LR6 battery
    Operating temperature -20…+55°C -20…+50°C
    Storage temperature -40…+70°C -40…+70°C
    Humidity 95% 95%
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