Testing and Calibration Laboratory

SONEL Testing and Calibration Laboratory offers validation and calibration services for the following instruments used for measuring electrical and non-electrical parameters. The following instrument types are calibrated:

  • meters for measurements of electrical properties and parameters of power networks:
    • voltage meters,
    • current meters (including clamp meters),
    • circuit breakers (RCD) meters,
    • insulation resistance meters,
    • earthing resistance meters,
    • short-circuit loop impedance meters,
    • resistance meters,
    • power quality analyzers,
    • active and passive electrical power meters for alternating current,
    • multimeters,
    • multifunction meters covering the functions of the above-mentioned instruments,
  • standards of electrical properties:
    • calibrators,
    • resistance standards,
  • instruments for the measurements of non-electrical:
    • pyrometers,
    • lux meters,
    • thermo-imaging cameras.

SONEL Testing and Calibration Laboratory has been accredited by the Polish Center of Accreditation for the calibration of measuring instruments in the following field - electrical properties in DC and LF circuits - since March 2, 2017:

  • voltage and current (DC),
  • voltage and current (AC),
  • resistance (DC),
  • electrical power.

Scope of accreditation AP 173
Certificate of accreditation AP 173

We are a member of
the Club of Polish Testing Laboratories POLLAB No. 964.

The Calibration Certificate is a document that confirms the conformity of parameters, declared by the manufacturer, of a verified meter regarding the nationally accepted standard, with the specification of measurement uncertainty.

Measurement methods used by the Laboratory for calibration are standardized and described in the following instructions:

  • IW01 Calibration of digital voltage, current and resistance meters,
  • IW02 Validation of of calibrators,
  • IW03 Validation of high resistance standards based on a technical, electrometric method,
  • IW04 Validation of resistance standards based on low voltage methods,
  • IW08 Calibration of electric meters.

In accordance with PN-EN ISO 10012:2004 "Measurement management systems - Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment", Sonel recommends metrological inspections of all of its instruments at least every 13.

For new instruments provided with the Calibration Certificate or Validation Certificate Certyfikat Kalibracji at the factory, re-calibration should be performed within 13 months from the date of purchase, however, no later than 25 months from the date of purchase. The Calibration Certificate is a  document issued by the manufacturer for a new instrument leaving the factory. Any subsequent metrological inspection is performed by Sonel Testing and Calibration Laboratory and the respective document is called a Validation or Re-Calibration Certificate.

In the case of instruments used for tests related to protection against electric shock, the personnel performing the measurements should be absolutely sure that the instrument in use is fully functional. Measurements performed with a meter that has a malfunction may lead to errors in the assessment of the protection of health or even life.

Useful information for ordering re-calibration:

  • Lead time for instrument re-calibration is approximately seven working days for all instruments manufactured by SONEL S.A. and 20 working days for third-party instruments. Lead time starts when the instrument is delivered to the Laboratory. It is possible to arrange individual lead times. The rate for express services is 150% of the price specified in the pricelist of laboratory services.

  • The following payment terms apply: PRO FORMA invoice, cash on the receipt of the instrument. In special cases, bank transfers are allowed, provided that the parties have agreed so earlier. For bank transfer payment, copies of the following documents must be submitted: NIP (tax identification number), REGON (national business register number), KRS (national court register number) or a copy of the entry into the register of business activity, as well as the original order for services with authorization for issuing a VAT invoice. The order should be signed by the person mentioned in the KRS (or register entry) or a duly authorized person.

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