Roman Domański

Chief Technical Support Engineer

Coach with 28 years of experience. A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Wrocław. He constantly improves his qualifications by participating and conducting numerous trainings and conferences. A recognized authority, respected by listeners and colleagues from the industry. He has a huge theoretical knowledge and 28 years of practice. Author and co-creator of training programs and many professional articles. Training became his life's calling, and his public presentations at conferences are very popular among listeners. He shares his knowledge willingly and in a straightforward way with others. Patient and accurate. He is always up to date with all technical / industry news, thanks to which, in addition to its vast knowledge and skills, provides a lot of relevant and practical information to training participants. Perfectionism and commitment are the features that make training with Roman a pure pleasure and the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge not only in theory, but also in practice.

His profession is also his hobby. Electronics, automation, computers and microprocessors. He is a licensed amateur radio operator (SP6TRI). Astronomy and quantum physics are also fileds that are in the area of ​​his interests. He attaches great importance to good, traditional making of cold meats, cheese and baking bread. He loves Polish cuisine, in his spare time he listens to good music using on his own built tube amplifier.

Do you want to take part in training in the field of measurement techniques, gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of regulations and standards as well as operation of SONEL S.A. instruments?

Workshops lead by this instructor

Lecturer does not conduct any public training at this time