Piotr Pawlik

Technical Knowledge Manager 


Graduate of the Faculty of Electronics at the Wrocław University of Technology. He has 10 years of experience in the Sonel Group. An experienced specialist who consistently implemented the strategy of building export markets both in Europe and in the USA. He has collaborated on many training, marketing and sales projects. Piotr actively participated in the implementation of new products. He collaborated on several new meter designs, such as the MPI-530-IT multifunction meter and the PAT-805/806-IT portable appliance tester and adjusting our products to the US market. Piotr is a specialist who willingly shares his knowledge and experience. He conducts on-line training, thanks to which webinar participants have the opportunity to obtain professional knowledge without leaving home. Thanks to the trainings conducted by Piotr, you will deepen your knowledge of operation of SONEL meters and basics of conducting measurements. In his spare time, Piotr loves to travel, which allows him to meet new people and places.


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