Full mobility with a tablet and Wifi wireless communication, Sonel PQM-710 and PQM-711 analyzers.

Analizatory Sonel PQM-710 i 711 dzięki łączności bezprzewodowej Wi-Fi są w pełni mobilnymi urządzeniami

Connectivity solutions used in class A PQM Sonel power quality analyzers family showed that the wireless connection is a very useful function in setup and measurement. Reduced installation costs at the measuring point, improved operating safety, and convenience - are the most important advantages. New PQM-711 and PQM-710 analyzers are innovative models with a wireless communication Wi-Fi  and together with a dedicated tablet and pre-installed specialized software Sonel Analysis, gives a lot of new opportunities in fieldwork.

The most important benefits of this solution is coverage enabling comfortable operating with much greater immunity to any interference. A very important advantage of Wi-Fi is no cost and amount limits of transmitted data. That solution allows also for indirect connection between analyzer and the tablet using existing local access points. That enables for greater range and freedom in field work. It is also worth to mention that tablet software is designed for one hand use on the tablet display. That allows for direct monitoring of the measurements and diagnostic without need of being for e.g. in danger zone. It is possible to transfer stored data to the PC via wireless communication because tablet can be used as external memory bank of measured data with router via functionality.

New products Sonel  PQM-710 and PQM-711,in addition to the existing functions in PQM-702  and PQM-703, have additional communication capabilities Wi-Fi,  tablet and dedicated software, that allows to adapt it to the different measurement conditions in summary that means better functionality and freedom of service measurements and power quality troubleshooting.