Sonel Analysis 4

Sonel Analysis 4
Program for handling PQM series power quality analyzers and MPI-540
  • Description

    Sonel Analysis software – application delivered as standard accessory, indispensable for working with PQM-series analyzers. It enables:

    • analyzer configuration,
    • data reading from logger,
    • preview of network parameters in real time (with capability of reading via GSM modem),
    • deletion of data in the analyzer,
    • data presentation in tables,
    • data presentation in charts,
    • data analysis and generating reports in compliance with standard EN 50160 (reports) and other user defined reference conditions - also for PV micro-installations up to 50 kW, a breakdown  for active power states P>0, P<0 and P=0 and taking into account the graphs Q1=f(U1/Un) and cosφ=f(P/Pn),
    • independent support of multiple analyzers,
    • analyzer firmware updates.

    Analyzer configuration
    The application enables configuration of all analyzer settings. Configuration is performed on a computer and then sent to the analyzer. A configuration can also be saved on a hard disk or other data carriers for later use.

    The application enables configuration of, among other things:

    • selection of measurement points and arbitrary memory assignment to individual measurement points,
    • configurable analyzer time,
    • button blockade,
    • PIN code protection against unauthorized access by third parties,
    • configurable averaging time,
    • selection of current and voltage transformers,
    • selection of triggering mode (instant after an event occurs or according to set time schedule),
    • selection of clamp type, selection of additional parameters to be registered in N and PE conductors,
    • selection of the network type for which the analyzer will register all parameters set by the user.

    The analyzer has four, mutually independent measurement points. Each measurement point can be configured separately so that four different registrations can be performed later without the need for reprogramming the analyzer in each instance.

    The following can be configured for each measurement point:

    • whether the analyzer is to perform registration in terms of compliance with standard EN 50160 and/or according to user-defined parameters,
    • the user may define whether the logger will save instant, mean, maximum or minimum values for each parameter,
    • limits can be defined for most parameters, and the analyzer will log an event if these limits are crossed.

    Readout of current data
    Sonel Analysis software enables readout of selected parameters and their visualization on the computer screen in real time. These parameters are measured independently from the registration saved on the memory card.
    The user can view:

    • charts of voltage and current progression (oscilloscope),
    • charts of voltage and current over time,
    • phasor diagrams,
    • measurements of multiple parameters,
    • harmonics and harmonic powers (estimating the direction of harmonics),
    • interharmonics.

    Data analysis
    Using the application, the user can read and analyze data saved on the memory card. Read data can also be saved on the computer's hard disk for later processing. Thanks to this, archiving of data from successive registrations is possible.

    After data reading, the user can conduct analysis. There are three windows to choose from:

    • General – all individual types of data are displayed in the form of dots (Measurements, Events and Oscillograms),
    • Measurements – all measurement types registered are displayed in the form of dots according to averaging time (voltage, frequency, etc.),
    • Events – all types of detected events are displayed in the form of dots (dips, overvoltages, breaks, etc.),
    • Configuration – all settings with which data was registered are displayed.

    Various types of charts are available in the application, enabling the user to view data registered by the analyzer in a simple way:

    • Time chart – displays the progressions of selected parameters over time,
    • Oscillogram – instant progressions of voltages and currents during events or at the end of an averaging cycle,
    • Harmonics chart – bar graph presenting the level of harmonics of orders 1…50,
    • value/Time chart – displays events in the form of dots as a function of the duration of these events.

    User-defined reports can be generated using data read from the analyzer, which can then be saved to a hard disk in PDF, HTML, CSV or TXT file format. The application enables generation of a report on compliance with standard EN 50160 and the systems regulation.

  • Files
    • Version 4.6.2:

      New features
      - added support for 4-quadrant energy meters for MPI-540 and MPI-540-PV recorded data (requires at least firmware 3.21);
      - added new nominal voltage Un 462/800 V;
      - increased micro-installations recommendation report.
      - improved standard reports export;
      - minor bug fixes.

      Version 4.5.0:
      New features:
      - Added support for the PQM-702/703 analyzers without the OR-1 interface.
      - Translation fixes in Ukrainian language.

      Version 4.4.9:
      New features:
      - Added Ecuadorian standards for PQM-702(x)/703/710/711.
      - Increased edit ability of the reports header.
      - Implemented A3:2019 amendment to EN 50160 standard (requires restoring default values for "EN 50160:2010 + A3:2019 low voltage" standard in Program settings module).
      - Fixed problem with reading NEC220.87 data.
      - Improved user interface.
      - Minor bug fixes.